Paint Oner


To design modern Christ-centered clothing and accessories to reach and influence people for the Kingdom

The Family

Core Values

Customers first - Serving customers is the heart of our company, and we aim to provide exceptional service.

Team on a mission - Amazing individuals make up the Crazy Cool Family, but it's only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. We believe our work matters; therefore, we work together with equal parts humility and ambition.

Think big - We never settle in everything we do. We challenge our ideas of what's possible to meet the needs of our customers better.

Act with integrity - We're honest, transparent, and committed to doing what's best for our customers and company. We openly communicate, and we are not afraid of hard conversations. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas, or passive-aggressive behavior.

Make a difference every day - We constantly push ourselves to be our best, focus on solutions, and arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion, and hard work.

Our History

Already being established in Christ for many years, Rachel and Chad began to realize how outdated and cheesy christian apparel was. Having some experience in graphic design, Chad began working on some shirt ideas that would appeal to Rachel’s style and taste. After designing this first line of shirts, Chad really saw the vision for the market of christian apparel. Wanting to make these shirts available to anyone, Chad began brainstorming for a catchy, and memorable brand name. He was always finding himself using this phrase when referring to anything unique or something he really liked. He would refer to them as “crazy cool”. As simple as it sounds, he thought these shirts were crazy cool, and well, it stuck. Thus, CrazyCoolThreads.com was born.

Due to the simplicity of the shirts, they were easy to layer and style, and became super popular amongst the boutique world. This opened the door for the wholesale side of things. Wholesale was the launching pad that took this company from being a dream in a household garage, to a thriving business that could spread apparel evangelism to thousands of people.

This is so much more than a stylish clothing item. The idea that birthed this trendy, christain apparel was the fact that Chad had a vision of bringing the church to the world. Being a walking testimony by simply wearing a tee shirt brought christian evangelism to a whole new level. These shirts can be a stylish piece plus a conversation starter. We want to spread salvation through Jesus, to a lost and dying world and also unite the church itself. Yes, these shirts can cause non believers to ask questions or even plant a simple seed in their mind, but it can also bring other Christains together who may never sit on the same pew.

In a world that says christianity isn’t cool, we strive to be a light that screams, It’s crazy cool! Crazy, that a perfect God would send His perfect son to an imperfect world to die on a cross for our salvation. We hope our shirts are a seed to the unsaved, and an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ.