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The single most important book to have been ever written, an eyewitness account of historical events of such magnitude they have literally shaped the world as we know it, the Bible spurns us to self-reflect, to grow and to know God in greater ways than we could ever imagine. The Bible leads us, guides us, and strengthens us in His word. Families have come together to hear His voice for generations to read and meditate upon these teachings.

Crazy Cool Threads is helping the tradition of heirloom quality Bibles. Our Bibles for sale are made with the greatest love, respect, and care to details to ensure that they bring the joy of God to your life for years to come. Our exclusive Hosanna Revival designs will not be found anywhere else. Hosanna Revival Bibles bring something new, beautiful, exciting and uniquely yours as a Bible you will cherish.

Every detail pictured on these gorgeous Bibles for sale were hand-created, hand-painted before they were used to design a Bible that will bring a revival in spirit each time they are touched. These Bibles offer the ultimate source in comfort for families and a unique way to celebrate the life of a loved one with pages ideal for memorizing beloved passages day after day, or night after night. High-quality bindings and paper will ensure it can be read and enjoyed year after year.

These have 2-inch ruled margins for writing observations, reflections, prayers, praises, and journal entries. These Bibles for sale make a cherished gift that will become a lasting keepsake for anyone that values God's Word.

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