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This beautiful journaling Bible is named Cape Cod, inspired by the Hydrangea festival that happens every summer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The words on each side of this Bible don’t correlate at first glance. The front says “You are worthy.” The back says “Great is Your Faithfulness” (from Lamentations 2:23). Two totally separate thoughts that are absolutely essential to our faith. FIRST we must remember that our God is so faithful to His beloved children. His steadfastness is a part of His character—it’s who He is, and it’s how He loves: faithfully. Because of that great and faithful love, we are called worthy. When you follow Jesus, you walk in a new identity, an identity that has immense worth. You are worthy because He calls you worthy. He was so faithful to His love for you that He sent His son to die on a cross—ALL so He could offer you a full life and a relationship with Him.

This Bible was originally hand-painted, then carefully recreated by Hosanna Revival.

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