14K Gold Jewelry

13 products

13 products

There are so many deeply personal reasons as to why people wear Christ-themed jewelry. Perhaps they are struggling with personal hardship and wish to feel closer to God by wearing something that has meaning to them. It is no doubt a comfort to wear something to remember that God is watching them and keeping them His hand.

These beautiful and humble 14k gold jewelry pieces can help remember to serve God and share your loving faith. Carefully constructed with the highest-quality 14k gold, this collection comes in simply gorgeous matte finishes that highlight some of the most beloved words inspired from the Bible.

Featuring delicately stunning necklaces with extendable 16-inch to 18-inch chains also made from 14k gold and adjustable corded Serenity bracelets of highly polished stone, you will no doubt find something that resonates within the heart. Serenity bracelets have been crafted and decorated with 14k gold charms to allow the experiences of calm and peace, a constant reminder of His love that always embraces you. This collection is also a wonderful choice as a thoughtful gift to a fellow Christian or your loved ones.

Throughout the Bible, there are many mentions of jewelry, as symbols of power, of royal decrees, as a symbol of dignity, love, and as a representation of deep significance. Jewelry denoted the reunion of man with God, the unity with Him, and eternity. Our 14k gold faith-inspired jewelry collection has been made with Him in mind and the hope that we can help you find comfort and joy with His love. These modest yet breath-taking pieces will surely be a welcome addition to any faith-based wardrobe, whether to wear every day or on your way to Church.

Whether you choose one to celebrate growing in the Lord, what truly goes on in your heart or the joy of spiritual growth, we hope this collection will aid you.

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