We Are United

This is more than a release of incredible Christian apparel. This is a journey, following a simple thought, word, a mission, into a t-shirt.

T-shirt evangelism, that's what we like to call it. It is more than a fashion statement or a cute design; it is a statement of faith, truth, hope, a testimony.

We live in an hour of hard truths, disturbing facts, and intense opinions. The easy conversations don't come so easy anymore. People are easily offended, they have a lack of trust, and now, they prioritize being socially distanced. While there is safety in that physical precaution, it has also created a mental distance. People are just not as friendly as the “Andy Griffeth” days, and that's ok. It just means we have to get creative.

While these shirts are created to connect with the wearer through their faith and testimony, they are also created to touch a non-believer's heart. They are created to spark a thought that can lead to an encounter with the most amazing experience ever given to humans. That is the encounter with Jesus Christ. And lastly, these shirts are created to help connect a variety of believers.

America loves sports entertainment. Crazy Cool Threads was born and raised in South Alabama, where everyone is born (whether they care or not) with a stamp of the family’s favorite football team. You cannot walk around in the grocery store without hearing “War eagle” or “Roll Tide.” It’s just the way of life down here. Two complete strangers can feel a likeness because one is wearing an Auburn t-shirt, and the other responds with a phrase. Boom! Instant family!

We want to create the same family togetherness with the family of God. We may go to different churches or be in other denominations, but we are all on the same team! How can we truly know we are on the same team? We do not go around asking people in the coffee shop if they are Christians, but just as the analogy above, a simple graphic, phrase, shirt, can let me know, that is my brother or sister in Christ. This world doesn't need another physical church building. This world needs Jesus. A single light shines bright in the darkest of hours. Why not unite with other lights, and create a beacon of hope, to show the world the ultimate hope. His name is Jesus. Join us in the mission to let our voices be heard and seen, not for self-gain, but His namesake.

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