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Announcement from Crazy Cool Threads:

Hey Friends! I want to start by saying we are so thankful for your business and your patience during this time. We want to take this time to be transparent with you all and fill you in as you deserve that much. First, we want to extend an apology for the delay in getting orders out to you and the lack of communication on our end; this is truly not and has never been our intention. Being completely honest, we have been very delayed in shipping secondary to decrease in staff and with COVID still in existence, it has been hard to gain new team members. We have been working around the clock to ensure all orders get sent out and we truly mean that. We have church members helping ship and have our office staff working overtime to also help; this is why we say we have “all hands on deck.” I say this all to say, we truly are trying our best and putting in work to get orders packaged and shipped. I think it’s easily assumed that because we look like a large company that we shouldn’t come across these problems—but in fact we are a small company that is located in Level Plains, Alabama. I want you to know that we are just as frustrated as you are and your feelings are validated. I want to reassure you that although shipping is taking longer than usual and you might have not gotten a response from customer service; you WILL get your order. We just ask for a little more time and more grace as we are trying to resolve the issue. 

I am going to address some frequently asked questions and assumptions in hopes to bring clarity and reassurance from us.  

  • “This is a scam”: Unfortunately, due to the delays in getting orders out, people assume we are a scam and just trying to profit more money. This is not true. You WILL get your orders. We promise.
  • ”Why is no one returning my emails?”: We have 4 customer service (CS) team members answering emails daily. One CS member is trying to respond to emails and messages across social media platforms. We want you to know that if you haven’t received an email, you will. Please be patient with our customer service as they are trying their best. Their schedule is Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM. They will not respond over the weekend due to being at home with their families. *Note: sending multiple emails has no benefit to receiving a return email back. It actually causes more back up. So we want you to know that if you send an email, although right now there might be a lack of response, you will hear something back. 
  • ”Does shipping always take this long?” In a good season, NO. We have never been this behind on shipping so we are having to adapt as we go through this season. We truly are so sorry for the delay and we hope once we get over this hiccup, we pray we take what we learned so this never happens again.
  • "Are you from a foreign country?” We are located in Level Plains, Alabama and have started from the ground up. We are so thankful that our company has blossomed over the years and it wouldn’t be possible without YOU. 
  • ”When will I get my order?” Just know we are working around the clock to fulfill orders. We have a game plan for shipping so we will be caught within the next few weeks. 
  • ”Why don’t you stop promoting/selling until you get caught up?” Why this sounds reasonable and like a good solution, unfortunately, it isn’t for a small company. There are so many logistics that play into this. We have hired extra help and are paying our employees overtime so they can work later hours. You might assume this would cause more backup but we have a system in play that we won’t let this happen.

I’m sure there are many more questions you might have, but we hope this helps you see that we truly are trying our best and none of this was our intent. We stand by our mission which is to spread the gospel on what we wear everyday. We ask that you continue to be patient with us. Our goal is to win you back as our loyal customers. We do see and hear you; with that being said we are implanting a new system that will be up and running hopefully this fall and if that goes to plan, shipping will be a 2-3 day process. Again, thank you so much for your patience during this time and we are so sorry. 

Crazy Cool Family and Staff


  • Tracey Webb

    Very disappointed in not even being provided an estimated ship date.

  • Elizabeth

    They always do this i’ve ordered a few times and it has nothing to do with shipping I specialize in shipping and shipping industry is running smooth. The problem seems the lack of customer service and if there isn’t enough staff maybe slow down on your sales promos those sure do go out fast. This is suppose to be Christian base company. Just Have a courtesy to respond to your customers.

  • Tanya Swanson

    Placed order on Aug 16th. Based on order date, number of shirt ordered that day and your process (how many shirts you can produce in a day), are you able to give us, the customer, an idea of when our order will ship. For example, orders placed on xx/xx day will ship on xx/xx day.

  • Shelby

    Placed my order Aug 20th (I’ve moved since then and updated my address with them since nothing has shipped yet anyways) Credit card has already been charged same day if not the very next and still waiting to see when my shirts will ship and I will get them. Hopefully at my house and not my mother in laws where we were staying before we got our place. Awaiting more updates. This was my first purchase I’ve ever made with this company and I’d heard good things about them & their products so we’ll see…

  • Eliana Vanegas

    One month later…. The same problem, They do not respond to the emails, They do not make the shipments, but the money if the charge immediately, they should charge it when they send the merchandise.

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